Zευγάρια ζωγραφίζουν με το σώμα τους κάνοντας... σεξ (ΦΩΤΟ) - Karfitsa.gr

Zευγάρια ζωγραφίζουν με το σώμα τους κάνοντας… σεξ (ΦΩΤΟ)

Make art not war

Make art not war: ο Alexander Esguerra καλλιτέχνης από τη Νέα Υόρκη προσκαλεί ζευγάρια να κάνουν έρωτα με χρώματα στα σώματά τους. Οι ιδιωτικές στιγμές των ζευγαριών καταγράφονται με έναν περίεργο και πρωτότυπο τρόπο: κλεισμένα μέσα σε ένα δωμάτιο με κεριά και καμβάδες αφήνουν τα αποτυπώματά τους και δημιουργούν έργα τέχνης την ώρα της συνουσίας.

Make art not war: New York-based artist Alexander Esguerra invites couples to cover themselves in paint and paint canvases with their bodies while having sex

Creative force: The thirty year-old Parson's graduate says that 'love is a creative force' and tells the couples (nearly 50 have taken part so far) to 'have fun with the paint, but don't make it all about the paint'

The project has become so popular that Mr Esguerra has turned it into a business. He now sells 'Love and Paint' experiences, where the couple will create the art in a luxury hotel

Inspired events: The artist came up with the idea after a night of passion when he woke up to find his room a mess and wanted to 'artistically capture' the moment when two individuals interact in the most private way

No barriers: Mr Esguerra likens the idea to couples therapy but encourages his clients not to take it too seriously

Tender moment: The artist captured many a tender moment in the love and sex-driven project

War paint: Love, not war, is celebrated in the upbeat, bright and humour-laden experiment

Forever Young

Head Over Heels

Never let go

What a mess! Subjects end up covered in paint, but happy after the unusual experience

What a mess! Subjects end up covered in paint, but happy after the unusual experience

No restrictions: The project celebrates the limitless possibilities of love and sex - age, race, gender and sexuality is not evident when it comes to the art





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